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Books read in 2009

The goal this year is 100.

* Recommend
** Really recommend

1. Partners in Crime*- Agatha Christie (01/02)
2. Talk Me Down**- Victoria Dahl (01/03)
3. Miss Wonderful**- Loretta Chase (01/04)
4. Strange Bedpersons*- Jenny Crusie (01/04)
5. Romancing Mister Bridgerton**- Julia Quinn (01/06)
6. My Lord and Spymaster*- Joanna Bourne (01/08)
7. By the Pricking of My Thumbs**- Agatha Christie (01/10)
8. Queen of Dragons**- Shana Abe (01/12)
9. Star Wars: Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor**- Matthew Stover (01/15)
10. Pride & Prejudice*- Jane Austen (01/18)
11. Susannah Morrow*- Megan Chance (01/23)
12. The Temptation of the Night Jasmine**- Lauren Willig (01/25)
13. Emma*- Jane Austen (01/30)
14. Angels & Demons- Dan Brown (02/04)
15. Silverlock- John Myers Myers (02/13)
16. Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed- Shawna Delacorte (02/14)
17. Too Good To Be True**- Kristan Higgins (02/15)
18. Silent on the Moor**- Deanna Raybourn (02/21)
19. Sylvester**- Georgette Heyer (02/22)
20. Watchmen- Alan Moore (03/06)
21. Heiress for Hire*- Erin McCarthy (03/09)
22. Thunderstruck*- Erik Larson (03/28)
23. Graceling*- Kristin Cashore (03/29)
24. Sin in the Second City**- Karen Abbott (04/01)
25. Have His Carcase*- Dorothy L. Sayers (04/06)
26. Fools Rush In*- Kristan Higgins (04/08)
27. Stigma- Phillip Hawley (04/18)
28. Wedding Ring* - Emilie Richards (04/24)
29. An Unsuitable Job for a Woman*- P.D. James (04/25)
30. Mistress of the Art of Death* - Ariana Franklin (04/29)
31. Sprig Muslin**- Georgette Heyer (05/01)
32. The Serpent's Tale**- Ariana Franklin (05/05)
33. Percy Jackson & The Last Olympian**- Rick Riordan (05/06)
35. The Outsider- Penelope Williamson (05/27)
36. Grave Goods** - Ariana Franklin (05/31)
37. Gentle Rogue* - Johanna Lindsey (06/04)
38. Cold Fire* - Dean Koontz (06/07)
39. Trace- Patricia Cornwell (06/12)
40. No Choice But Seduction* - Johanna Lindsey (06/17)
41. Thief of Hearts* - Patricia Gaffney (06/21)
42. The Last Hellion** - Loretta Chase (06/23)
43. Start Me Up** - Victoria Dahl (06/26)
44. The Irregulars - Jennet Conant (06/30)
45. What Happens In London** - Julia Quinn (07/02)
46. Don't Tempt Me* - Loretta Chase (07/03)
47. The Grand Sophy** - Georgette Heyer (07/04) - Reread
48. Savage Thunder* - Johanna Lindsey (07/09)
49. Wed Him Before You Bed Him - Sabrina Jeffries (07/12)
50. The Missing* - Shiloh Walker (07/14)
51. Finishing Touches - Deanna Kizis (07/16)
52. Delicious* - Sherry Thomas (07/20)
53. Private Arrangements* - Sherry Thomas (07/22)
54. Black Ships** - Jo Graham (07/25)
55. And Only To Deceive** - Tasha Alexander (07/26)
56. A Poisoned Season** - Tasha Alexander (07/27)
57. A Fatal Waltz** - Tasha Alexander (07/28)
58. Not Quite a Husband** - Sherry Thomas (07/29)
59. Lord Perfect** - Loretta Chase (07/30)
60. Rumble on the Bayou - Jana Deleon (08/01)
61. The Secret Adventures of Charlotte Bronte - Laura Joh Rowland (08/03)
62. Cousin Kate - Georgette Heyer (08/05)
63. What Angels Fear* - C.S. Harris (08/07)
64. When Gods Die* - C.S. Harris (08/08)
65. Why Mermaids Sing* - C.S. Harris (08/08)
66. Where Serpents Sleep** - C.S. Harris (08/09)
67. Regency Buck* - Georgette Heyer (08/11)
68. Bride Enchanted - Edith Layton (08/15)
69. Bobbie Faye's (kinda, sorta, not exactly) Family Jewels* - Toni McGee Causey (09/13)
70. City of Shadows** - Ariana Franklin (09/20)
71. The Courtesan* - Susan Carroll (10/25)
72. The Huntress* - Susan Carroll (10/31)
73. Tears of Pearl* - Tasha Alexander (11/01)
74. Speed Dating - Nancy Warren (11/06)
75. An Unexpected Suitor* - Anna Schmidt (11/07)
76. What Remains of Heaven** - C.S. Harris (11/08)
77. I Will (In A Historical Christmas Present anthology)* - Lisa Kleypas (11/09)
78. Three French Hens(In A Historical Christmas Present anthology)- Lynsay Sands (11/10)
79. Father Christmas (In A Historical Christmas Present anthology)- Leigh Greenwood (11/13)
80. A Highlander Christmas - Janet Chapman (11/23)
81. Archenemy* - Frank Beddor (11/28)
82. Boneshaker* - Cherie Priest (12/13)
83. Captives of the Night* - Loretta Chase (12/30)


Getting to leave for the interview. Despite my admonitions to myself not to get nervous my stomach is in knots and as soon as the toothpaste taste leaves my mouth a bit I plan on downing a few antacids.

If you're awake at 10:00am then send good vibes if you so desire.

Heart break and hijinks

In Plain Sight: Let"s Get it AhnCollapse )

I got nothing else. This show is going to be the death of me in the last few eps of the season. I can feel it. And then how will I fill my time until it comes back? Psych better be fucking good. Oh I need to track down the promos because apparently there's a hilarious Monk promo involving IPS.

Also, I got another job rejection for the job for which I thought I had a pretty kick ass and convincing cover letter. This is why I stopped applying for jobs the last time because I got tired of the rejections. It's hard to feel optimistic about applying for and getting a job when, if you're even lucky to get a reply, it's always a rejection. I'm holding on to hope barely due to the interview I have Wednesday and it's hard to do even that considering the guy hasn't responded to my last 2 emails and it's been a fucking week. That's doing a lot for my self-esteem.

Bits & pieces of awesome

And Only To Deceive by Tasha AlexanderCollapse )

In honor of new In Plain Sight tonight (which I won't get to see until tomorrow unless people are super quick about putting it places where I can get it) my favorite promo for tonight's episode.

Heh. I'm a genius. I just realized that there was probably some sort of website I could check the balance on those gift cards I got. As I suspected there's $10 on each of them which comes out to $100 which isn't too bad. I could get 2 shopping trips out of that or one really good one.

Every time I watch "Beginning of the End" I yell "kill it with fire" every time I see Mordred. Even if he wasn't going to, you know, bring about the down fall of Camelot that kid is just plain creepy. Goddamn that is one creepy little kid. I wonder what that casting call was like? "Seeking: young boy between ages of 8 and 11. Dark hair. Extremely creepy mien highly desirable."?

Have I mentioned yet how delighted I am that NBC is feeding my love for cheesy and bad disaster movies? The Storm stars The Beek, Luke Perry, Treat Williams, David James Elliot as a general (ahaha. haha. ha) (who is apparently getting in his disaster movie credits this summer) and Cameron Daddo. BEST DISASTER MOVIE CAST EVER. NBC loves me.

Leverage: The Tap Out Job

The problem with watching tv shows online is that I often don't see the "next week on . . ." clips. (Spoilers for the next new <i>Leverage</i> as garnered from this one 2:27 minute clip preview)Collapse )
In Plain Sight: JailbaitCollapse )

So I enjoy Royal Pains but Mark Feuerstein has over-botoxed himself or something and it is creeping me out every time I watch. It's his eyes. They don't look like they used to.

Oh dear lord. Sometimes I forget how hot Jason Thompson is. Also, while that sounds like Kimberly McCullough singing I can't tell if it's really Jason Thompson. If it is he's not bad. Deep and gravelly enough to, well, make me think dirty things. More dirty than I normally think when I think of Jason Thompson or Patrick Drake. Also, I think he's getting a bit of gray hair and, as it typically does with men (which sucks) it makes him hotter. Curse it! My gray hair certainly doesn't make me hotter. Just makes me really peeved that I get more gray hair every day and I still get break outs. Lame. Where was I? But, really, gray hair at 26? I've been getting them since 22 but now I have enough to be noticeable to other people. Curse my mother's genes.

Ok so I'm reading The Missing and while I have some issues it's pretty engaging. Plus I always like stories about psychics. However, the thing that initially made me pick the book up is the whole true love never dies, Cullen and Taige have a connection thing. I'm a sucker for that shit too. Except for now I'm totally rooting for Taige to give up on Cullen finally and hook up with Taylor her pseudo boss at the FBI. OMG I HAVE A PROBLEM. Jesus. I can't even canon ship in my books anymore.

I woke up at noon today. It was awesome.

Of course I did stay up until nearly 3 which I haven't done in a while. Or maybe I have. I'm starting to forget. It used to be nothing for me to stay up until 3 or 4 reading fic or watching tv but now I can't do it very often. Getting older sucks.

Eureka: Welcome Back CarterCollapse )

In Plain Sight season 2. Assume spoilers for all episodes starting with Rubble With a CauseCollapse )

Now I"m going to have a couple of sort of not so deep thoughts on Mary and Marshall. Like, dude, this is as fannish as I"ve felt about anything in a while. I thought I"d lost the ability. Then again, it"s only been a week. I could get bored without new canon in a few weeks. We"ll go with the flow for now.Collapse )

I think I may have a cavity. Or perhaps a filling fell out because it kind of feels like the pain is coming from where I had a cavity the last time. The last time being when I was 11 years old. So I'm a bit unsure of what a cavity even feels like or where that one was. I remember the shot of novacaine and going back to school all numbed up and dribbling water and unable to actually play when I had to go to band practice. I don't remember the pain. But this pain isn't constant or consistent but every so often I'll eat something that sends shooting pain pretty much throughout my mouth. It starts in one place and radiates every where. Is that a cavity? Or something worse?

Any of you uninsured people know how much it typically costs to have a cleaning and cavity filled? I was going to try to get just dental insurance long enough to get it filled should it be a cavity and what not but my company doesn't seem to let me just sign up for dental insurance even though it says you can and I just can't afford full medical coverage at this time.

Very productive tv watching weekend.

Some thoughts on In Plain Sight as I work my way through season 1:

1. I have a total crush on Marshall. It's the whole tall, dorky, shoots a gun (sometimes 2 at once. With a bullet in his chest. Omg that was so fucking hot . . . where was I?) thing. Gets me every time.

2. I totally ship Mary/Marshall pretty hardcore now. They may be my new favorite partner pairing.

3. Clearly Chico needs to dump Mary and hook up with Brandi. He and Brandi already have more chemistry than he and Mary.

4. Jinx needs to get herself a piece of her boss because he's pretty hot too. Working the FFKOAH.

5. Bobby D riding up on a horse dragging a guy behind him with a lasso going "'sup y'all" is still making me laugh. Like, when Bobby D starts annoying me I just think of that scene and it's all good.

6. Brandi with all her problems and issues continues to grow on me. I'm pretty sure it's because of the way she mocks Chico. Chico deserves mocking.

7. Agent Dickwad? Annoying. I hate characters brought onto a show just to be the bad guy with no discernible reason to hate the main character except he just doesn't like the way he/she looks/talks/thinks/ brushes her hair. Now maybe Agent Whathisname will reveal a real reason to hate Mary Shannon but so far he's just a douchebag for the sake of being a douche. That's annoying.

8. Season 1 finale spoilers. Has the statute of limitations run out? Oh well I"ll cut anywayCollapse )

One thought about Wed Him Before You Bed Him by Sabrina Jeffries:

1. "Boxing the Jesuit"? Wow. After the countless romance novels I've read, all the smut fic (good and bad), and after college with unshy male friends I didn't think it was possible to introduce a new euphemism for, well, you know what, into my oevre but you have done it, Sabrina Jeffries. Kudos to you.

A v. important post about Merlin

I go back and forth on deciding if Arthur is the Lex or Clark of Merlin. Obviously if going with a straight Smallville-Merlin analogy he's the Lex. Except he doesn't have Lex's evilness (he does have a magnificent bastard for a father, though), obvs. Also, obviously, Morgana is Lana although I don't hate her and I think the show is keeping more on the side of "harmless crush" rather than "creepy obsession" when it comes to Arthur/Morgana as compared to Clark/Lana. Gwen is Chloe/Lois although with less of a role and less interaction with Arthur (I hope this is rectified in season 2).

All of this is to say these pics from the season 2 set (so spoilers, although just costume spoilers and some action but mostly of people standing around) are confusing me even more as to Arthur as Clark or Arthur as Lex because, holy hell, they have given him Clark's jacket. BOTH OF THEM. The red and the blue! Of all the things to steal from Smallville the jacket of fugliness IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

I am, however, a fan of Gwen's new wardrobe. And unlike that poster I think ASH looks smashing in the dark teal. Also, you go, ASH for getting yourself one of those long coats like Arthur's.


Happy Federal Holiday Observed, America!

1. I may love What Happens In London more than The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever. I love the latter but I hated the misunderstanding between Nigel and Miranda and the ending was a bit too sugary and pat for me (and that's saying something because I am the only person on the entire planet who didn't hate the DH epilogue so, you know, my tolerance for sub-par book endings is prettty high). But this book had me laughing beginning to end and the end was so very awesome and perfect for Harry and Olivia. And it's going to be very hard for any book ever to produce an image so hilarious as Sebastian Grey doing a reading of a "lurid gothic novel" for an audience of servants, Harry, and a Russian prince and his bodyguard. That entire scene had me rolling. And that Sebastian and Harry's brother got so into enacting a fall off a cliff death scene on a table that Sebastian fell off the table and dislocated his arm? Priceless.

2. This is my problem so far with Don't Tempt Me, and perhaps it doesn't help that I just read The Last Hellion which I adored, but I don't like that Zoe was a harem girl from the age of 12. I was fortunate in that my mother was never a fan of the sheikh/harem girl romance novels so I haven't read very many and the ones that I have read I've disliked.

I have no problem with Zoe being sexually assertive or knowing what she likes.Collapse )

Decided on seeing The ProposalCollapse )


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